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Come, Follow Me" July 22–28: "The Lord Had Called Us for to Preach the Gospel


This week’s readings: Acts 16–21

Don’t forget to record your impressions and read the ideas outlined in the new Come, Follow Me manuals on ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

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Scripture Insight

This scriptural insight comes fromVerse by Verse: Volume 2by Andrew C. Skinner and D. Kelly Ogden.

“Marketplace” is translated from the Greek agora, which would have been an effective place to preach because of the many people gathered there. Legal and civil cases could also be heard and official judgments pronounced in the agora.

Study Ideas

These ideas and topics are compiled from Come, Follow Me and have been adapted for specific situations. Check out the manuals online for more ideas, or come up with your own as you study!

For couples: 

In Acts chapter 17, we learn about becoming “mighty in the scriptures.” Perhaps you and your companion can focus on this topic and discuss ways that you can improve your personal and couple scripture study. Pick one idea that you can focus on putting into practice in the upcoming week.

For singles: 

As you read about Paul’s teachings to the people in Athens who worshipped “many gods,” perhaps you could focus your study on what it means to be the “offspring of God.” We regularly remind our children that they are children of God, but how often do you remember that this phrase applies to you now? As you ponder your role as a child of God, you can also take time to learn more about the characteristics of Heavenly Father.

For families with young children:

This week, you might consider talking with your children about missionary work. During family home evening or another family study time, you could brainstorm together a list of simple ways to share your testimony with others and teach others about the gospel, whether it is writing a letter to a relative who is not a member of the Church or learning a scripture that explains a gospel principle that you could share with others. Then you could each pick one way to try this week.

For families with teens: 

If you have teenagers in your family, you may focus your study this week on missionary work and the power of testimony as you read about Paul’s missionary experiences and declarations of faith. If you served a mission, consider sharing with your family about a time on your mission when you had an opportunity to share your testimony. Invite other family members to share their testimonies if they would like.

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