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“Come, Follow Me” May 27–June 2: “The Son of Man Shall Come”


This week’s readings: Joseph Smith–Matthew 1; Matthew 25; Mark 12–13; Luke 21

Don’t forget to record your impressions and read the ideas outlined in the new Come, Follow Me manuals on ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

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Scripture Insight

This scriptural insight comes from Verse by Verse: Volume 1 by Andrew C. Skinner and D. Kelly Ogden.

Matthew 24 was emphasized by the Prophet (Joseph Smith) more than any other chapter in the New Testament, and he made more changes in its text than in any other—some of the most significant changes being the reordering of verses. His revision contains 33 percent more material than does Matthew 24 in the King James Version of the Bible. 

Study Ideas

These ideas and topics are compiled from Come, Follow Me and have been adapted for specific situations. Check out the manuals online for more ideas, or come up with your own as you study!

For couples: 

A big topic in this week’s chapters is the Second Coming. As you read the several different parables about us not knowing when the Savior will return, perhaps you can discuss how they are each different and talk about ways you can spiritually prepare for the Second Coming as a couple and a family. Then pick one or two to incorporate into your lives this week.

For singles: 

As we learn about the Second Coming, it might be tempting to give way to fear about some of the signs identified. However, as you study these signs, an exercise to increase your faith instead of your fear might be to write down each sign, why it is significant, and how you can prepare for the Second Coming now. 

For families with young children:

This week’s readings talk about serving the Lord by serving others (Matthew 25:31–46). You might consider focusing on these scriptures with your family this week. Perhaps you can find something that represents each item in the story (some play food, a glass of water, a sweater, etc.) and have children take turns giving those items to someone else in the family as you read these scriptures. Then you could discuss with your children ways that they can serve others and encourage them to pick one family member or friend that they can be kind to and serve this week.

For families with teens: 

If your family hasn’t talked about or used the Joseph Smith Translation much in your study, this would be a good week to do it! Consider having some family members readJoseph Smith–Matthewwhile the others follow along in Matthew 24. As family members following along in Matthew 24notice details that are not included in that chapter, have them share what is missing. You might even make a chart together and then compare the two and talk about modern revelation and the knowledge that Joseph Smith’s translation restores. You can even read more about what the Joseph Smith Translation is in the Bible Dictionary.

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