Did you know Steve Young was on episodes of ‘Frasier’ and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’?

Steve Young (left) makes an appearance in ‘Beverly Hills 90210.’
YouTube screenshot.

In 1994, Latter-day Saint and quarterback Steve Young won his third Super Bowl champion ring and was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player and Super Bowl MVP. You might think that such a level of success and fame would lead to minimal time for other endeavors, but in the months following that third Super Bowl win, Young at least had time to make cameo appearances on two of the most popular television shows of the day.

In a 1994 episode of the TV show Frasier starring Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce, Young makes a cameo appearance, although it’s only his voice. At the beginning of the episode, the caller on the line (voiced by Steve Young) has just crashed his car because Frasier told him to close his eyes and picture himself on a tropical island.

Then in another surprising cameo, Young appeared as himself on a 1995 episode of the TV teen drama Beverly Hills 90210. He visits the Walsh House, wishes character Joe Bradley a happy birthday, and plays football on the front lawn with Brandon, Steve, Kelly, Donna, David, and the gang. He also encourages Joe to stay out of trouble and to seriously consider his life after his football playing days are over.

The day Young and the 90210 cast filmed that particular episode was October 3, 1995—the same day the O.J. Simpson trial verdict was announced. Cameras from Entertainment Tonight were also on set filming behind-the-scenes footage of the actors. Right before the verdict was announced, production stopped on the 90210 episode, and the cast all sat on the lawn together waiting to hear the outcome of the trial, but the ET cameras were still rolling. Cameron Bancroft who played Joe Bradley on the TV show told the Beverly Hills Show podcast about a special moment he had with Young.

“He was super, super gracious, and … he did something he didn’t have to, which just sort of speaks to the kind of person he was,” Bancroft explained. “He said, ‘I don’t know if you even need this advice, but when the verdict comes out, try not to react either way because you’re on camera.’” As a young actor, Bancroft said he was extremely grateful for that piece of advice from someone he admired.

You can watch a clip of Young’s cameo on Beverly Hills 90210 in the player below.

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