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Donny Osmond’s ‘technicolor’ Sunday School lesson is one these teenagers will never forget

The Come, Follow Me lessons earlier this month about Joseph in Egypt may have had some musical theater fans humming a few bars from a familiar hit Broadway show, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and remembering a famous Latter-day Saint performer’s stint in the starring role.

Singer Donny Osmond played the role of Joseph in the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber show for over 2,000 performances in the 1990s and was chosen to play the leading role again in the 1999 movie version.

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Now, decades later, Osmond pulled out his dreamcoat once more for a very different performance—a youth Sunday School lesson about the biblical hero. Osmond later shared a photo on Twitter of the entire class and their “Technicolor” teacher.

It’s likely that this is the same coat Osmond wore for his long run on Broadway in the starring role of “Joseph.” A video Osmond shared in 2020 shows him wearing a very similar in his home and calling it “the same exact coat that I wore for 2,000 performances while doing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Comments on Osmond’s tweet included many GIFs of scenes from his film performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and sentiments like “Very cool! Those are lucky kids to be taught by you!” and “This is the best thing ever!!!” and “No one better to learn from!”

This wasn’t the first time Osmond has broken out his many-colored coat for a special occasion. Back in October 2020, Deseret News shared a story of Donny Osmond officiating his friend’s wedding while wearing his “Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” You can see the photos he shared on Facebook from the happy moment below.

And in April 2020, when Joseph composer Andrew Lloyd Webber encouraged fans to record and share videos of them singing “Any Dream Will Do” from the hit show, Osmond joined in on the fun with some multicolor flair. You can see his recorded performance in the video player below.

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