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Early Returned Missionary's 30-Day Survival Guide


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When Ashley Sargeant returned home early from her mission to Brazil, she was in a dark place. Since then, she's used that experience to "create support and provide resources for both early-returning missionaries and those fighting to overcome mental health challenges" with her website, "Don't Stop, Sargeant."

Ashley's latest project is called a "welcome-home kit," and it provides early-returned missionaries with a 30-day video series they can watch to experience a more healthy adjustment back to their old lives.

Ashley delivered this heartfelt advice to her fellow ERMs: There are two things I hope you will take away from using this manual. First and foremost: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Second: this experience does not need to destroy or define your life. Learn from it but keep calm and carry on! I am the proof that you can return early from a mission and still live a very abundant and very happy life. Hold on tight to Hope in Christ. You’re going to make it, please trust me on that. And whatever you do, just don’t stop!

Check out more of Ashley's awesome work here, and another fantastic video here.

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