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36 Christ-centered gifts perfect for any Easter basket

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Looking for something beyond chocolate eggs and bunnies this year?

If you’re looking for something beyond chocolate eggs and bunnies this year, here are a few of our favorite Christ-centered Easter gifts to incorporate into your celebration or include in this year’s baskets.

For Easter Traditions

The Holy Week study cards and The Holy Week: Celebrating Easter as a Family book.

Before you pull out those baskets, consider Elder Gary E. Stevenson’s personal invitation last April to give Easter “the same balance, fulness, and rich religious tradition” as Christmas. What can your family do to focus on Christ more this Easter?

Things like The Holy Week Study Card Set, Colorly Love’s The Holy Week: Celebrating Easter as a Family book, and Emily Belle Freeman’s Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easterfor adults and for kids—are all great resources for incorporating the messages and principles of the last week of the Savior’s life into your family’s Easter celebrations. The wooden Immanuel Wreath and candle set have also become a beloved tradition for many families in studying the many names and titles of Christ as we pay tribute to His life and celebrate His resurrection.

And the Church’s Easter, “Because of Him”, and Bible Videos are also beautiful testimonies of Christ that you could watch with your family in the days leading up to Easter Sunday.

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For Easter Decor

The wooden Christ-centered Easter creche.

Alongside the eggs and carrots and bunnies and chicks, is there a space in your home where you could display a decorative representation of why we celebrate Easter? And it doesn’t have to be tacky or gaudy—there are plenty of subtle, stylish, and beautiful options out there! Like a wooden Christ-centered Easter creche, a paper Easter diorama depicting the Savior appearing to Mary at the empty tomb, or even a simple Easter peg doll set.

Or you could consider a new Christ-centered art piece like Tyrone Whitehorse’s The Savior of All, Greg Olsen’s Even a Sparrow, Yongsung Kim’s I Shall Not Want, or Kate Lee’s Come As You Are—all of which beautifully focus on Jesus Christ. And if you have a spare shelf or mantle or end table (and fewer curious little hands around), mini marble statues like Safe in His Arms, He Is Risen, and the Christus are all stunning and can be displayed throughout the year.

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Peg Doll Easter Creche
Available at Deseret Book and

For Easter Baskets

If your family participates in Easter baskets on Sunday morning, gifts like puzzles, coloring books, board books, and picture books can be easily themed and suited to focus on the Savior and the reason for the season.

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Easter-themed puzzles. Available at Deseret Book and

(But let’s be honest—colorful candy, chocolate, or small toys in an Easter basket never hurt either.)

For Easter Listening

If you want to fill the walls of your home with music and lyrics that testify of the Savior, we love The Tabernacle Choir’s special Easter programs that you can watch on YouTube. The Lamb of God concert film is also a powerful depiction of the last week of Christ’s life, told through music and dialogue.

We also can’t stop listening to Nathan Pacheco’s Abide with Me, Simply Three’s All Amazed, and Adassa’s In Jesus We Are One. You can listen to a preview of each album in the players below.

For Easter Reading

Got a gospel reader in your home?

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New from Elder Gerrit W. Gong. Available at Deseret Book and

Elder Gary E. Stevenson’s general conference talk from last April, “The Greatest Easter Story Ever Told”, is a great place to start. We also love Elder Gerrit W. Gong’s new book, The Shepherd and the Lamb, all about the powerfully complementary, symbolic titles of the Savior.

Jesus Is the Christ from Elder Neil L. Andersen is an incredible new take on how Jesus Christ’s divine love heals and transforms us, allowing us to “see the unseeable, believe the unbelievable, and know with a confidence that is impossible to fully explain…. His holy light illuminates our brightest days and penetrates our darkest nights, glorifying the love we share, the peace we seek, and the joy we feel.” And Compassion: The Great Healer’s Art by Elder Ulisses Soares showcases the Savior’s treatment of others and the loving gifts that He has provided us to guide us back to Him. Christ continually demonstrates compassion for each of God’s children and invites us to do the same.

From Elder Ulisses Soares. Available at Deseret Book and

To wear on Easter Sunday

The Robin pleated wrap dress from Sweet Salt Clothing.

If your family’s Easter traditions include a new outfit for Easter Sunday, we love these stylish spring dresses perfect—and comfortable!—for Sundays. And for the men and boys in your home, new ties and socks are a fun way to spruce up a suit or white shirt and slacks.

You could also lean heavily into the Easter theme with a new necklace or tie bar in your son or daughter’s Easter basket—or grab one for yourself! With imagery beautifully representing the empty tomb, a palm branch, or the resurrection, it’s a subtle but meaningful way to wear your faith delicately and gracefully.

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