Elder Andersen Shares Game to Review Conference, Teach the Gospel in the Home


Are you up for the General Conference Challenge?

On October 23, Elder Neil L. Andersen posted a fun, interactive way for families to review this past general conference in their homes.

"I know many of us are pondering the best ways to better teach the gospel at home. There are numerous resources now available, and as we pray for the guidance of the Lord, we will find many new ways that will lift and strengthen our families," Elder Andersen says. "In my daughter’s family, she createsa general conference review game every six months. I have shared it once before. I thought you might find it useful for your families as well."

Elder Andersen continues:

I encourage you to make studying the words of prophets and apostles an active part of your family life. When a person ties himself or herself tightly to the direction given by the Lord’s servants, he or she will find a powerful spiritual strength. Here are the instructions for our family game: First, download the file to your own computer (it won't work correctly if you view it online). To play the game: 1. Click on "Slide Show" (or the triangle play button). This will take you to the home page. 2. Divide into teams. 3. The first team chooses a session and point amount. Click on the chosen question and allow a set time (15 seconds–1 minute) to answer. 4. If the team answers correctly, they get the points. If not, the other team gets a chance to answer the question. 5. Click on the slide again for the answer (on a few of the questions you will need to click more than once for multiple answers or pictures that go with names). 6. Click on the "Home" button (at the bottom right corner of the question) to return to the main page (the question will darken so you know it has already been chosen). 7. The other team now gets the chance to choose and answer a question. 8. When all the questions are answered (or you've run out of time), have each team decide how many points they want to use for the final question. Write it down on a paper. 9. Click on "FINAL QUESTION" at the bottom of the main page. Have the teams write their answers on a piece of paper and then reveal their answer. Award points if they were correct and take points away if they were incorrect. 10. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins (although really everyone is a winner for reviewing what they learned at general conference)!
Throughout the game, and especially at the end, bear your testimony, encourage participants to talk about what was meaningful to them, and discuss what specific things you will do to follow the counsel that was given at general conference.

What a fun way to inspire each of us to review this past general conference as a family and to inspire us to think of creative ways to teach the gospel in our homes. Download the game here.

Lead image from Elder Andersen's Facebook page
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