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Elder Andersen: "You Can Never Speak Enough About the Savior"


In a devotional on Jan. 10 at the Provo Missionary Training Center, Elder Neil L. Andersen spoke to thousands of missionaries serving all over the world.

But there's certainly something every member can learn from his address as each of us tries to be missionaries to those around us. 

A returned missionary and a former mission president, Elder Andersen has a special affection for missionaries. He spoke of his love and his gratitude for their service.

“Thank you for your faith, for your unselfishness and for your willingness to come forward and testify of His divinity,” he said.

In his remarks, Elder Andersen focused on three key concepts that will bless the missionaries during the length of their calls — and beyond.

First: Only with time can you see the full benefits of missionary service.

It’s impossible to measure the full “success” of one’s mission while laboring in the field. Hindsight and time offer clearer perspectives of the good that an elder or sister accomplishes.

Elder Andersen noted that he served his own full-time mission 45 years ago. The subsequent years have afforded him a better vision of the benefits of his own mission.

“Be patient with yourself,” he counseled. Enjoy this “exciting chapter” of life.

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