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Elder Ballard Answers Tough Questions About LGBTQ Civil Rights, Suicide, Pornography + More at BYU Devotional


Elder M. Russell Ballard met with BYU students at a campus devotional on Tuesday, answering tough questions that covered a variety of topics. “In the end, I was surprised to receive 767 questions,” he said. “They cover a variety of topics, including life at BYU, dating, doctrine, marriage, revelation, seeking perfection, and showing love to others.”

When addressing the question of what message he has for the LGBT young single adults, Elder Ballard responded in a kind, frank manner.

“I want anyone who is a member of the Church who is gay or lesbian to know I believe you have a place in the kingdom and recognize that sometimes it may be difficult for you to see where you fit in the Lord’s Church, but you do.

“We need to listen to and understand what our LGBT brothers and sisters are feeling and experiencing. Certainly, we must do better than we have done in the past so that all members feel they have a spiritual home where their brothers and sisters love them and where they have a place to worship and serve the Lord.”

Elder Ballard taught that when a person loves God, he or she makes — and strives to keep — sacred covenants. Through living the gospel commandments a person will experience “untold blessings” allowing a person to become his or her very best selves — “exactly who God wants us to be.”

Addressing the question, “Where does the Church stand on LGBT civil rights?” Elder Ballard said the Church believes in “fairness for all.”

“We believe that the core rights of citizenship should be protected for all people — for LGBT people, for people of all faiths, and for everyone else,” he said.

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