Elder Ballard Urges Members to Record Feelings About the Solemn Assembly


"This is an occasion of great significance for members of the Church of Jesus Christ around the world," President Eyring said this morning, explaining the process of a solemn assembly.

The First Presidency gave their sustaining vote first, sustaining Russell Marion Nelson as the prophet, Dallin Harris Oaks and Henry Benion Eyring as counselors, and Dallin H. Oaks as president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles with Melvin Russell Ballard as acting president. The First Presidency then sustained the individual members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, including two brand new apostles, Elder Gerrit W. Gong and Elder Ulisses Soares.

Each group then had an opportunity to stand and sustain these Church leaders as well, including the Melchezidek Priesthood holders, Relief Society sisters, Aaronic Priesthood holders, and Young Women, followed by the entire body of the Church. 

This is a unique experience, and was made even sweeter by the Tabernacle Choir's singing of "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet" and "We Listen to a Prophet's Voice." 

Elder Ballard, who spoke immediately following, urged members to record their feelings and experience participating in this special occasion. "We stood as witnesses before God and acknowledged President Nelson as President Monson's rightful successor," Elder Ballard reminded us, and then bore his witness and testimony about our new prophet.

Lead image by Spencer Heaps for Deseret News

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