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Elder Cook: "Excess Wealth Is Not Promised to Faithful Members, Nor Does It Usually Bring Happiness"


Recently on Facebook, Elder Quentin L. Cook shared principles that will bring prosperity in our lives. While so many measure their success based on their wealth, Elder Cook says that there is so much more to the idea of prosperity than riches and what we own. 

In order to find financial and general success and happiness, Latter-day Saints need to create the proper perspective:

Recently, I spoke to a body of young adults who are on the verge of that period of life where financial matters and the choices they make about finances are exceedingly important.
A familiar scripture found in Alma 36:30, and many other places in the Book of Mormon, has two parts. It reads, “Inasmuch as ye will keep the commandments of God ye shall prosper in the land.” The second part reads, “Inasmuch as ye will not keep the commandments of God ye shall be cut off from his presence.” It is clear that having the blessing of the Holy Spirit is a principal element of prospering in the land.
Some seem absolutely driven to achieve the “lifestyle of the rich and famous.” Excess wealth is not promised to faithful members, nor does it usually bring happiness.
As a people, the Latter-day Saints have indeed prospered. Some achieve wealth as the result of very worthwhile and appropriate pursuits and use that wealth to bless mankind and further the Lord’s purposes.
Wise financial principles include seeking the kingdom of God first; working, planning, and spending wisely; planning for the future; and using wealth to build up the kingdom of God.

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