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Elder Holland: God Calls to You, He Loves You, He Is Closest When You Feel Most Alone


Loneliness—it is a shared experience among all of us. At some point every person is going to feel isolated, misunderstood, abandoned, or lonely. Even our Savior felt that way, pleading to Heavenly Father, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

But, as Elder Jeffrey R. Holland explained in a recent Facebook post, our Heavenly Father hasn't forsaken us, and He never will:

"We’ve all felt alone. We’ve all felt adversity. We’ve maybe wondered whether God heard our prayers.
"I assure you: of course God hears our prayers. He calls to us, 'I’m right here, where I’ve always been. I’ll never move. I’ll never be away from you. I’ll never leave you.' And after we’ve learned our lesson, these experiences will be for our good, and we will have grown.
"So, we persevere. We do not give up. We do not say, 'Well, I guess God doesn’t love me.' No, it may be said that God might love us more in those moments than any other time—that He’s closer to us in those moments than any other time.
"I testify to you that the Savior had the same experience and that was one of the reasons He came to the earth. He went that way before so He could help us. So that He could run to help us.
"He felt lonely. He experienced persecution. He knew poverty. He knew injustice. His family had problems and limitations and sorrows. And He experienced that so He could help us. He calls to you. He loves you."

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