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Elder Holland Shares the First Step for Young Adults to Achieve Their Destiny


Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke at the Stanford Memorial Church at Stanford University on February 9, 2020.  

In his address, Elder Holland encouraged young adults to come unto Christ as they work through challenges and make decisions for their future.

“Wherever you live, whatever your joys or sorrows, however young or old you may be, at whatever point you may find yourself in this mortal drama, I am asking that your ongoing journey follow in the footsteps of the Master,” he said. “Some of you are where you want to be, or you at least know where you want to go with your lives. Some of you don’t. Some of you seem to have so many blessings and so many wonderful choices ahead of you. Others of you feel, for a time and for whatever reason, less fortunate and with fewer attractive paths lying immediately ahead.”

Regardless of the situation Latter-day Saint young adults may be in, Elder Holland continued, the “imperative first step in getting to your personal destination, in finding your individual happiness and strength, in achieving your ultimate destiny and success” should be coming unto the Savior.

As young adults take that step, Elder Holland spoke of the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, noting that the commandment to be of good cheer is “almost universally disobeyed.” Speaking of his experience of being a parent, Elder Holland shared how devastated he would feel if any of his children ever felt that their well-being was unimportant to him. Heavenly Father and Christ feel the same way about us, he said.

“I am convinced that none of us can appreciate how deeply it wounds the loving heart of God the Father or His Son, the Savior of the World, when They find that people do not feel confident in Their care or secure in Their hands or trust in Their commandments. My young friends, we have a duty to be cheerful!”

The apostle also declared about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and that one must take a “do-or-die stand regarding the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ” and the divine nature of the book. Elder Holland closed with his testimony and a plea for all to come unto the Savior.

“I want to come unto Him,” he pleaded. “I want Him, if possible, to come unto me, and I truly want that for all of you.”

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