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Elder Holland's 90-Second Analogy Will Change How You Think About the Sabbath


"[The Sabbath] is not a day for all the things you can't do. That would be a pathetic way to think of the Sabbath," Elder Holland shares in a video featured on this month. Then he gives an analogy that transforms how we think of this sacred day:

Prior to this video being featured on's home page, Elder Holland shared it on his Facebook page in 2016, along with this message:

"As you go about your Sabbath day today—and every Sunday—remember that it is a day of do’s, not a day of don’ts. This is a view of the Sabbath we have to grow into. Restricting ourselves in some ways on Sundays brings freedom, expansiveness, and understanding we would not have had if we treated Sundays like every other day. #HisDay"


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