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Elder Oaks Gives His Family a Special Challenge to Bring Them Closer to the Savior (One That Would Be Great for Your Family Too)


Recently, Elder Dallin H. Oaks shared a challenge he felt inspired to share with his family after last general conference:

In their messages at our April conference, both President Nelson and Elder Ballard urged us to study “The Living Christ,” the proclamation our leaders issued January 1, 2000. This reminded me of what Kristen and I had already done about two years ago. We challenged all of our family members—old and young—to memorize the entire proclamation “The Living Christ.” Many did! Here is our family video reporting the results.

While this challenge strengthened the Oaks family, it can also strengthen our personal and ward families as we strive to remember these key teachings of our beloved Savior and His sacrifice for us.

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