Elder Ronald A. Rasband

June 30, 2023 08:31 AM MDT
“It was not easy to raise Ronnie Rasband, let me tell you. I was busy and high-spirited. In other words, I know I was a handful.”
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March 01, 2022 08:00 AM MST
As we remember our eternal purpose and identity, we can find hope and put our troubles into perspective.
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February 21, 2022 05:00 AM MST
“Every missionary called in this Church … is called by revelation from the Lord God Almighty through one of these, His servants.”
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December 24, 2020 12:00 PM MST
Not long ago, I met with a dear friend that I have known and loved for many years. When we met, my friend confided that he had been struggling. He felt he was experiencing, to use his words, a “crisis of faith” and sought my counsel. I felt grateful that he would share his feelings and concerns with me.
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December 16, 2020 01:00 PM MST
In the temple, we renew our spiritual perspective. In the temple, we recommit our lives to the Lord. In the temple, we recognize “things as they really are, and . . . things as they really will be” (Jacob 4:13).
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February 27, 2019 05:00 AM MST
On assignment one day in Oklahoma, I had the opportunity to meet with a few of the families devastated by mighty twisters that had recently swept through that area. As I visited with the Sorrels family, I was particularly touched by the experience of their daughter, Tori, then a fifth grader at Plaza Towers Elementary School.
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February 13, 2019 05:00 AM MST
There was never any question in my mind that I would serve a mission. The only question I had was, “Where will I serve?” I thought I knew the answer. My dad went on a mission to Germany. My older brother went on a mission to Germany. My sister’s boyfriend—and future husband—went on a mission to Germany. I thought I was going to Germany too. In fact, I planned on it.
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February 06, 2019 05:00 AM MST
In 1976, I was the elders quorum president in my campus ward, and Brother Jon Huntsman was the high council adviser. He was already successful in his plastics business. I even remember him slipping me a personal check for $1,000 with these simple instructions: “Use this to help those who are in need in your quorum.” They were never to know where the money came from.
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December 05, 2018 11:00 AM MST
Little Paxton, our grandson, was born with a very rare chromosomal deletion, a genetic disorder that distinguishes him, literally, as one in hundreds of millions. For our daughter and her husband, an uncharted, life-changing journey began when Paxton was born. This experience has become a crucible for learning special lessons tied to the eternities.
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