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Elder Uchtdorf Shares Powerful Message After Visiting Youth Affected by Florida School Shooting


Elder Uchtdorf recently shared a powerful message on Facebook after visiting those affected by the Florida school shooting.

In the wake of the unspeakable grief that racked communities across the country following the deaths of 17 teens in Parkland, Florida, Elder Uchtdorf shared this profound message about grief and finding peace through the gospel. 

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Recently I visited with some of the young people affected by the high school shooting in Florida. As you can imagine, this is a difficult time for them. For anyone who is in the midst of mourning, I have a message for you.
The scriptures tell us that we should mourn those we lose. This is a different process for everyone. For some it takes a very long time; for others it is shorter. We should never judge anyone—whether they take a long time or a little time.
My wife, Harriet, lost her father when she was just 13. It was just after the war. He died at only 38 years old, leaving behind two young daughters. Harriet was very sad she didn’t have a father to guide her through her teenage years—and it was difficult for her to see her mother so devastated.
Of course, it is OK to feel sad when we find ourselves in difficult times like this. But our Father in Heaven has also given us the tools we need to see light at the end of the tunnel.
And so it was with Harriet. Just six months after her father died, the missionaries knocked on their door. Her mother was at first reluctant to let them in, but they gave her a Book of Mormon. She started to read and felt a sudden change. She was so downtrodden before, but now she was excited. Her family embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ, and their lives changed. The windows of heaven had been opened in their lives.
The gospel will help you cope with any challenge in life. It offers us comfort and peace from the sacrifice Jesus Christ offers to each one of us. He died for each of us. And He is the source of all peace and comfort.

Lead image from Elder Dieter Uchtdorf's Facebook Page
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