Ellen Gives LDS Woman Incredible Award: "No One Has Ever Been That Bad. I Was Crying Laughing"


"I don't think anyone has ever played as poorly as you. I was crying laughing," Ellen DeGeneres says of Mallory Willyerd. "Instead of showing people how to play, we show people how not to play using you as an example."

After we ran a compilation of our favorite moments with Mormons on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Kim Willis wrote in letting us know about when she and her sister appeared on the show, and it was too hilarious not to share.

Willis's sister, Mallory Millyerd, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show back in 2015 when she competed in the game Sorry Spin and did so horrendously, Ellen just had to have her back. Along with a 5-foot trophy commemorating her epic failure, Millyerd received a wonderful surprise.

As luck would have it, Kim Willis also ended up making an impression with Ellen DeGeneres when she helped win money for Breast Cancer research.

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