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Emeritus Seventy with Amputated Arm Teaches Elder Cook a Valuable Lesson


This story and video Elder Quentin L. Cook posted on Facebook is too heartwarming to need commentary:

I want to assure you that you can do hard things.
Elder John B. Dickson, a marvelous Seventy, now emeritus, who served with distinction all over the world, demonstrated this in a fun and unusual way. Elder Dickson was called to serve as an LDS missionary in Mexico in 1962. Before he departed, he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right arm. He was not expected to live more than a month. However, 10 months later he left to serve his assigned mission, having had his arm amputated.
I will never forget how he taught missionaries at the MTC that they could do hard things. He invited four missionaries to come up to the stand and compete with him in a tie-tying contest. Dickson defeated all four of the missionaries using his teeth, his shoulders, and his chest in a marvelous way.
Please know that you can overcome adversity and do hard things.

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