Emily Belle Freeman

December 02, 2020 02:09 PM MST
Editor's note: This article was adapted from a video series called “Christ-Centered Christmas Celebration,” based on the book Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas. For more insight and family interaction with your countdown, you can watch the five-minute videos that correspond with each day, which can be found at "Keep Your Christmas Focused on Christ With These New Advent Videos by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler."This article originally appeared in the November/December 2020issue of LDS Living magazine and features photos of a brand-new companion nativity set.
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April 22, 2020 12:00 PM MDT
It is winter. The dark comes too soon, and the cold surrounds, and I struggle to hold fast to joy. The storms that blew in with this season have been hard. They don’t bring snow, or rain, or wind, but still they are bitter and they sting. I watch as my daughter’s heart breaks; I see a son struggling against forces that would destroy him if it were possible. Every single day the storm rushes in—torrential, beating down, thundering, and I am worn and weary from the pounding. And why are people so cold?
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April 13, 2020 12:00 PM MDT
Everyone has a story, a need, a lack, a place of inadequacy. I know the details of mine, and you know the details of yours. And the Lord? He knows about every story, and every dark place, and every hope and heartache and happily ever after.
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February 14, 2020 12:00 PM MST
Alma 61:9 "I . . . do rejoice in the greatness of your heart"
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July 26, 2019 04:15 PM MDT
We recently sat down as a family to talk about how we want to honor the Lord’s day. We began the conversation by talking about Christmas. It is one of our favorite holidays. We begin preparing for it months in advance. We talked about the food that we love to eat, the traditions we participate in, and the reasons why we look forward to the gathering. We made a list of our traditions: new pajamas, ebelskivers for breakfast, fun games, and quiet moments gathered around burning candles when we remember the times we have seen the hand of the Lord in our lives. Those are just a few. It became clear that the reason we love Christmas isn’t because it is December 25; it is because we have set apart that day as a celebration focused on Christ with good food, fun, and time spent talking about what is important. Then I asked if we might be able to set apart the Sabbath as a holy celebration similar to Christmas. If the day were filled with family, good food, and fun and conversations centered on Christ, would it become a day we looked forward to, similar to the way we look forward to December 25? We decided to give it a try. We started establishing traditions that would intentionally set that day apart from every other day of the week. I call these our sweet Sabbath moments. In our home it is a family-only day. We spend time together playing games or making cookies. Grace loves to make and decorate sugar cookies; I like to make meringues. We trade off. For one hour each Sunday we gather in the family room with a journal and spend time talking about what matters most. This is a time for reading the scriptures, studying doctrines and principles, goal setting and family planning—a weekly time to center our life again, with God’s purposes in mind. The evenings are for large family gathering. Married kids, aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandma and grandpa usually gather to eat dinner and share stories and laugh. With deliberate planning, Sundays have become my most favorite day of the week.
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April 25, 2019 07:00 PM MDT
Every so often, the whole sky comes crashing down. That was the case recently for a dear friend of mine who unexpectedly found out that his 2-year-old daughter, Hope, had cancer. Life has a peculiar way of marching forward after a shattering moment like that. The sun still rises, breakfast still has to be served, and diapers still need to be changed.
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April 15, 2019 09:15 AM MDT
This week’s Come, Follow Me lesson focuses on Easter. Below is a family home evening plan that can be used along with the suggestions in the Come, Follow Me manual to help families focus on the message of Christ’s resurrection. Also, don't miss a great week of Easter videos from our friends Emily Freeman and David Butler! The videos will be posted on LDS Living every day leading up to Easter. You can find them here.
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September 27, 2018 12:48 PM MDT
I close my eyes and focus on soaking up the warmth of the sun. It is halftime, and I am exactly where I most love to be: on the sideline, cheering on my girls and their coach. This is my joy.
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August 03, 2018 03:27 PM MDT
Have you ever noticed that when people talk about their trials in a public setting, they tend to focus on what happened at the end? They talk about the miracle, the promise, the way it all worked out. It isn’t often that people talk about what happened in the middle of the trial.
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July 11, 2018 08:04 PM MDT
I am seventeen weeks pregnant when the complications begin. This is our fourth baby, so I recognize the contractions immediately when they start. For three days and three nights I time the constant rhythm and I worry. There have been complications with every pregnancy—with each of the three babies we held on to before this pregnancy, and with each of the pregnancies we lost. I know what these contractions mean. The chance of loss, the months of bed rest ahead. We have been through this before.
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March 13, 2018 09:39 AM MDT
Why do we celebrate the birth of Christ for an entire month but only celebrate His Resurrection for one day? Here are some tips on how to fill your Easter season with reminders of the Savior.
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December 03, 2017 10:54 PM MST
I have heard the story a thousand times; sometimes it feels as if I am becoming story about tethering, about tracing God’s goodness, about choosing whether or not to give a heart to God. You have heard it told. How the baby’s mother places him, tiny and helpless, into the handwoven sweet grass basket, how his sister stands at the brink to watch him float down the river alone, how the daughter of Pharaoh comes down at just the right time and lifts him out. The daughter who was unknowingly sent to bring about God’s goodness—God was aware of even this.
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June 06, 2016 09:00 AM MDT
Several months ago, a friend and I were talking about our homes. I have a whole list of improvements I want to undertake, from painting the kitchen cupboards to putting barn wood paneling in the bathroom upstairs to finding some new pillows for the couch. However, as I started talking to her, I realized her home improvement focus was on a completely different track. She asked if I had any ideas for making her home more Christ-centered. I was immediately drawn into the idea. My family believes in Jesus Christ, but had I devoted enough time and energy to making my home Christ-centered? One night as I was pondering on how I might make that happen, the answer finally came. What better way to learn about having a Christ-centered home than from Christ Himself?
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December 16, 2013 05:32 AM MST
God Expects Women to Receive Revelation
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November 01, 2011 09:27 PM MDT
Several years ago we spent the Christmas holidays skiing at a cabin. That was a really good idea for the first two days, but by the end of the third day I could no longer walk, so I ended up lounging in my (very cute) pajamas. Later that evening I agreed to go to the store because my kids decided they didn’t want what had been prepared for dinner, but I really didn’t want to change. My sisters-in-law were sitting at the kitchen table and I asked them, “Do you think it would be a big deal if I wore my pajamas to the grocery store?” Their reply? “No, you will be there for five minutes; no one will even notice what you are wearing.”
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