Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler Record Special Message for Quarantined Missionaries


If you’re anything like us, this week you might have received a notification that read: “Don’t Miss This – SPECIAL EDITION FOR MISSIONARIES.”

Wait a minute! This wasn’t in the Don’t Miss This 2020 Journal and it definitely is not one of the upcoming Come, Follow Me lessons.

That’s right, Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler taught a special mid-week lesson, entitled “Purpose In This Place.”  Freeman and Butler recently had the opportunity to connect with quarantined missionaries in the California Sacramento Mission and they recorded their lesson for all to enjoy, missionary or not.

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SPECIAL EDITION: Purpose in this Place

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, many of us— especially missionaries—may feel purposeless. The purpose of a missionary is to spread the gospel, and some might think, “How can I spread the gospel when I cannot even leave my house?”

This frustration of lack of purpose is exactly what Freeman and Butler wanted to address. In the video description they write, “We taught [in the video] about finding your purpose in new places, especially places that are unexpected.”

Freeman and Butler acknowledge that some may feel that while in quarantine, they cannot continue to do His work because things are not “normal.” Butler encouraged viewers to find their purpose in this “new place” until things return back to normal. Butler continued that there is a reason for this trial and the things we overcome today will help us tomorrow.

In the video, Freeman and Butler speak about the nature of God and his plan. Freeman shared a story about an experience her daughter had that prompted the realization that “God is limitless.” Freeman and Butler expanded on this idea that God is not limited to quarantine and can make miracles happen.

Referencing the story of Moses, their first invitation to viewers was to realize who God is and what He is able to do. Freeman and Butler referenced Moses 1:3, which reads, “Behold I am the Lord God Almighty, and Endless is my name.”

Freeman and Butler reminded viewers that whenever they feel doubt about continuing to do His work during quarantine, to remember that He is “Almighty.”

Throughout the video, Freeman and Butler issue invitations to those watching. Those invitations can be found in thisvideo’s study sheet.

Freeman closed the video with this touching message of hope. She said, “There are miracles waiting in this place for you. I have zero doubt about that. I feel it so strongly, in my soul. . . I know there are miracles waiting, just waiting in the margins. . . In order for those [miracles] to happen, you have to figure out your purpose in this place and become confident in that. Remember who He is. Remember who you are. Remember He has a work for you to do.”

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