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Family Sells TV, Other Possessions to Help in Opening of Indianapolis Temple


MR says: Learn about how this inspiring family is a living example of centering your life on the temple and bringing others to Christ.

Tuesday was a busy day full of lots of exciting things. About 3 years ago our family felt like we needed to move to Indiana to be a part of something very special in the Mormon Church. Church leaders had just announced the approval to build the Indianapolis Indiana Mormon Temple.

After many miracles that occurred in the process of moving, it finally happened and we arrived just a few days after the groundbreaking of the temple site.

Over the past few years we have been so blessed to watch the temple being built. We would visit the site a few times a year to see how things were coming along.
As I have watched our temple being built I have often reflected on my last experience of being involved in the construction of a new temple, and experience that I like to share with each of you.

Reflections on the Temple
It was July 1998 and I was a newly called Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After arriving in my mission we were taken to the temple site where I didn’t see much except for a foundation and some steel beams sticking out of the concrete. While it didn’t look like anything that great, these things were the most important part to the structure so that it could begin to take shape.

On this day I reflected on how I too was growing in my life. I thought of the Foundation my parents had laid for me. I thought about my leaders growing up and all they did to help me learn the principles of the gospel. I thought of my early morning seminary classes, and my amazing teachers. I thought about the scriptures and the stories I have come to love so much.

I saw how these things were much like these beams; they were what kept my testimony “Steadfast and Immovable.”

Over the next year and a half I would experience many things that would continue to build my testimony, I would also learn what it really means to stand steadfast and immovable in my testimony. I learned to bear patience and to keep the commandments of God.

Images courtesy of Missionary Families are Forever
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