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FHE: The Ninth Article of Faith


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Thought: “Our Father in Heaven is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The prophet Mormon tells us that God is ‘unchangeable from all eternity to all eternity’ (Moroni 8:18). In this world where nearly everything seems to be changing, His constancy is something on which we can rely, an anchor to which we can hold fast and be safe, lest we be swept away into uncharted waters.”
—President Thomas S. Monson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Song: “Come, Listen To a Prophet’s Voice,” Hymn #21

Articles of Faith 1:9: “We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.”

(This would be a good time to teach the family where the Articles of Faith are found in the scriptures, at the conclusion of the Pearl of Great Price.)


- Watch Zack & Zoey Explore the Articles of Faith, Ninth Article of Faith clip:

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- Ask for a definition of the word “revelation” (communication from God to man). Ask who can receive revelation (the prophet can for the whole church; each of us can for our individual needs and for those we have stewardship over), and how we can seek revelation (through listening to the words of the prophets, reading the scriptures, praying, etc.).

- Discuss reasons why it is important to have revelation yesterday, today, and in the future.


Play Pictionary with your family. Have each family member take turns drawing one of the items listed below. The other members should guess what they are drawing. After they guess correctly, ask them what revelation was shown by the drawing, and how that revelation teaches us about Christ. Repeat until all the items have been represented (has=past; now=present; yet=future).

- (HAS) Draw Noah gathering animals into the ark. (Revelation: Noah should build an ark to save his family from the flood that would destroy all that was unclean.)

- (HAS) Draw Moses holding the tablets with the Ten Commandments. (Revelation: Moses should write the laws of God and ask the people to covenant to live them.)

- (HAS) Draw Nephi obtaining the Brass Plates from Laban. (Revelation: Nephi should kill Laban because Lehi’s family would need the written law to help them believe in Christ.)

- (HAS) Draw the angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she would be the mother of the Savior. (Revelation: Mary would be the mortal mother of the Savior.)

- (HAS) Draw Amulek feeding Alma. (Revelation: Amulek’s family would be blessed if he would return home and feed a holy prophet.)

- (NOW) Draw Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon from the golden plates. (Revelation: Joseph Smith should translate the Book of Mormon.)

- (NOW) Draw a temple. (Revelation: We should build temples so we can make covenants with God.

- (NOW) Draw a family inside a circle. (Revelation: Families can be sealed together and live forever with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.)

- (NOW) Draw a sun, a moon, and the stars. (Revelation: There are three degrees of glory in the next life: the celestial, like the brightness of the sun; the terrestrial, like the moon; and the telestial, like the stars.)

- (YET) Draw Christ’s second coming. (Revelation: Christ will come again to the Earth.)

- (YET) Draw the golden plates and the scriptures. (Revelation: We will receive additional scriptures from records that have been lost.)

- (YET) Draw many temples all over the earth. (Revelation: We will be commanded to build many more temples all over the earth, wherever there are enough members of the Church.)

(Christena C. Nelson, Sharing the Articles of Faith, [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1994], p. 43.)

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