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First missionary called from Africa’s smallest mainland nation

From left, President Paul Craig, Elder Eden Cutler, Elder Daniel Amako, and Elder Gifford Nielson.
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Elder Daniel Amako is the first full-time missionary called from the Gambia by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has been called to serve in the Congo Brazzaville Mission in Africa.

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“Growing up and watching my father, who is a member of the Church, I could see he has always desired for me and my brothers to serve a mission. Seeing him and watching how he lives was the greatest example in my life,”" says Elder Amako. “My home in the Gambia is mostly a Muslim community. My friends are faithful Muslims, and many of my school studies were centered in the Muslim faith. But I knew I wanted to go on a mission. I have always wanted to go.” Elder Amako’s father, Samuel Amako, is the branch president of the Gambia.

Elder Amako observed, “Coming to the MTC has been a life-changing experience for me. In the Gambia we have 22 members of the Church. I never had a full sense or scale of the gospel. Now I am with so many members here at the MTC, I can see what the gospel can really do. It is very uplifting.” Elder Eden Cutler has been Elder Amako’s companion through this MTC experience. Although they are going to different missions in the next few days, they have formed a strong bond of friendship.

You can read more about Elder Amako’s call on Church Newsroom and learn about Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s dedication of the West African country of the Gambia for missionary work earlier this year here.

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