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First Presidency Announces 2 New Stakes, 51 New Stake Presidents in April


From Idaho to Hawaii and Peru to Mexico, learn more about the new stake presidents called by the First Presidency.

New Stakes

A new stake has been created from the Ammon Idaho Foothills, Iona Idaho South, and Iona Idaho stakes. The Ammon Idaho East Stake, which consists of the Ammon 12th, Ammon 17th, Ammon 22nd, Ammon 29th, Ammon 32nd, Iona 4th, and Iona 8th wards, was created by Elder Mervyn B. Arnold, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Bradford C. Bowen, an Area Seventy.


(February 19, 2017): President—Fredrick Grant Pieper, 51, audit director, Battelle Energy Alliance; wife, MayRee Edwards Pieper. Counselors—Michael Aldon Tall, 59, dentist; wife, Jennifer Lynn Connell Tall. Eric David Velasquez, 35, financial advisor; wife, Misty Dawn Zaugg Velasquez.

A new stake has been created from the Kalispell Montana and the Missoula Montana stakes. The Frenchtown Montana Stake, which consists of the Plains, Superior, and Thomason branches, and the Frenchtown, Missoula 4th, Polson, Ronan, and St. Ignatius wards, was created by Elder J. Devn Cornish, General Authority Seventy, and Elder James E. Evanson, an Area Seventy.


 (February 26, 2017): President—Adam Terrell Smith, 42, chief physician executive; wife, Tyana Jo Spaulding Smith. Counselors—Justin Abell Dilworth, 55, driver, UPS; wife, Marsha Butterfield Dilworth. Bryan Jennings Brown, IT coordinator; wife, Leah Ladora Erath Brown.

Reorganized Stakes


(January 28, 2017): President—Scott Curtis Milne, 48, teacher; succeeding Mark W. Taylor; wife, Tracy Blackburn Milne. Counselors—Jefferson Hud England, 45, CFO, Silver Star Communications; wife, Cynthia Mae Longmore England. Larry C. Lancaster, 58, water operator, Town of Afton; wife, Venice Dee Miles Lancaster.


(February 19, 2017): President—Robert Eric Hansen, 50, account director, Pfizer Inc.; succeeding Aaron D. Todd; wife, Babette Lynn Mara Hutchens Hansen. Counselors—Kirk J Nielson, 56, orthodontist; wife, Stephanie Reid Nielson. Tim Donald Martin Jr., 47, training manager, U.S. Department of Interior; wife, Heidi Coles Martin.

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