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First Presidency Calls New Temple Presidents to Serve in Honduras, Japan, Missouri, and Peru


The First Presidency has called the following four new temple presidents and matrons. They will begin their service in November 2018.

Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple

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Rosario T. and Rodolfo Díaz

Rodolfo Díaz Ortiz, 66, Bella Vista Ward, Danli Honduras Stake, called as president of the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple, succeeding President Luis G. Duarte. President Díaz’s wife, Rosario del Carmen Tilguant de Díaz, will serve as temple matron, succeeding Sister Gladys E. Zeitun de Duarte. He is a former Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple presidency counselor, stake president, bishop, patriarch, and branch president. Retired chief of forest protection, he was born in Cuyalí, El Paraiso, Honduras, to Armando Díaz Méndez and Josefina Ortiz Vendel.

Sister Díaz is a former assistant to the matron of the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple, ward Young Women and Primary president, and a stake temple and family history consultant. She was born in San Marcos de Colón, Choluteca, Honduras, to Francisco Mata and Aminda Tiguant.

Fukuoka Japan Temple

Chikako I. and Katsuyuki Otahara

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Katsuyuki Otahara, 69, Atsubetsu Ward, Sapporo Japan Stake, called as president of the Fukuoka Japan Temple, succeeding President Kouzou Tashiro. President Otahara’s wife, Chikako Ibata Otahara, will serve as temple matron, succeeding Sister Akiko Tashiro. He is an Area Seventy and temple ordinance worker, and a former stake president, bishop, and high councilor. Retired coordinator for the Church Educational System, he was born in Hokkaido, Japan, to Tadayoshi and Chiyo Komine Otahara.

Sister Otahara is seminary supervisor and temple ordinance worker and a former ward Relief Society president and counselor, ward Primary president, and seminary teacher. She was born in Hokkaido, Japan, to Hiroshi and Mie Masaki Ibata.

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