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​Former YM General President: What’s the Future of Scouting in the Church?


"It has been my experience that it is wisdom to stay with the Brethren—don’t lag behind them, and don’t try to get ahead of them. . . . The charge for each of us is to not fritter away our efforts trying to second guess the Brethren, but to use this time to more effectively understand this wonderful resource we have in Scouting."

Charles Dahlquist, former Young Men General President for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently wrote an article about his view of the Church’s relationship with Scouting and why he, as an LDS Scouter, is more committed than ever to the Scouting movement.

The question of whether the Church would continue using Scouting programs for their young men has loomed over the BSA since the Church issued a statement in July about their disappointment at the national executive board’s decision to change adult leader membership standards. Though the Church later came out with a statement saying it would stay with the BSA, many are still concerned about the future of this century-old relationship.

Dahlquist shares a conversation he had with a fellow LDS Scouter who expressed his concerns. This Scouter voiced the question so many are asking, “Is the Church going to stay with Scouting?”

Dahlquist’s response is helpful for any asking this same question:

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