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GENTRI's Powerful Music Video "Don't Let Go" Shows Beautiful Reunion of Father and Wayward Son


The LDS tenor trio GENTRI just released their incredibly powerful music video "Don't Let Go."

Just in time for Father's Day, the band posted on Facebook that this video pays tribute to all the men who "had the courage to love us unconditionally, to pick us up when we've fallen and to never stop believing in us. When in the midst of trial, turmoil, and tribulation, a Father's love for his child can serve as a powerful reminder, 'Don't let go.'"

The Gentlemen Trio was established in June 2014 and is comprised of three highly trained tenors: Brad Robins, Casey Elliott, and Bradley Quinn Lever. Their self-titled debut album was released in March 2015 and spent nine consecutive weeks in the top ten on two different Billboard charts. Check out their latest album, "Rise."


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