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Get ready for the feels: New video shows Sister Craig’s choice to talk to a stranger in the grocery line instead of look at her phone

If we were to list reasons why Latter-day Saints love general conference, the inspirational stories told by the speakers could very well earn a spot in the top five.

And in the 2020 October general conference, Sister Michelle D. Craig, first counselor in the Young Women general presidency, told a story that not only inspired listeners, but also tugged on some heartstrings. She shared how during a sacrament meeting she felt a prompting from the Spirit encouraging her to stop looking at her phone while she was waiting in lines. This prompting led her to an unexpected but sweet conversation with an elderly gentleman in need at the grocery store.

Now a new video from Church brings that conversation to life. The video also includes footage from the Bible videos that help draw parallels between Sister Craig’s touching story and how our Savior would choose to serve others.  Watch the video below. (The story of Sister Craig’s experience starts at 2:20.)

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