‘God planned all of this’: 2 sisters gave birth on the same day, just hours apart


Paige Smith and Brooke Trowbridge have always been close, but a recent experience brought these two sisters together in a way they didn’t expect and couldn’t have planned—and they are calling it a miracle.

On the day Paige found out she was expecting her first baby, she and her husband decided to share the news with Brooke right away. Little did Paige know that her sister had also taken a pregnancy test that morning and hadn’t yet told anyone the exciting results.

“I just kind of double took and was shaking because I could not even believe that she was there telling me on the same day that I had taken a test,” Brooke told KSL.com. “I was freaking out, thinking to myself, ‘How am I going to tell my husband now?’ They're literally standing in our living room telling us they're pregnant and my husband has no idea that I'm pregnant as well.”

Brooke quickly put her positive pregnancy test in a bag and gave it to her husband. After he opened it, the couples felt more than excitement; the news also brought a spiritual reassurance. 

“Finding out that we were pregnant on the same day was like a huge message from heaven saying, ‘We’re here. We are aware of you,’” Paige said in an interview with LDS Living. “I just felt like people on the other side must be pulling for us and that God is so aware of us.”

One of those people on the other side of the veil is Paige and Brooke’s uncle, who they lost to COVID-19 last December.  

“For him to pass away, and pass away so quickly, and to not be able to say goodbye was a really hard situation,” Brooke said. “Knowing that we will see them again someday and that they are up there in heaven with our future children is just such a blessing.”

Paige and Brooke live in neighboring cities in Utah and supported each other throughout their pregnancies: finding out their babies’ gender together and accompanying each other to ultrasounds. They even scheduled their induction dates for the same day.

On January 27th, Paige went into the hospital to begin what she thought would be a slow, smooth delivery on the 28th. But when things progressed much faster than her doctors anticipated, Paige worried that she and her sister might not give birth on the same day as they had hoped.

“We were watching the clock in the hospital and thinking we have to make it to midnight,” Paige said. Gratefully, the baby had not yet been born when Brooke checked in to the hospital at 6:30 a.m. the next day. Already dressed in her hospital gown, Brooke made it to Paige’s delivery room just in time to see her nephew be born.


Greyson Eric and Remi Paige

“It was just so special. There were so many miracles—there are no coincidences. Everything we got to experience was a blessing. It’s just amazing,” Paige said. “We are excited to raise our babies together, and we know they’ve been together this whole time in heaven. I just know God planned all of this.”


Brooke agrees with her sister that this experience was orchestrated by heaven.

“There’s got to be a bigger picture to this—it’s not just us. We definitely didn’t plan it, but we always say our babies did, and our family had a big part of it up in heaven. I am so grateful for the gospel and to know that no matter what happens in this life, we will be with family forever.”


You can read other details about Paige and Brooke’s experience at KSL.com.

All photos courtesy of Paige Smith and Brooke Trowbridge.

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