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God Works with Broken Things: What This Man Learned from Years of Failure


Benjamin Taylor had a routine—and it wasn’t one he wanted to keep up. He had held six different jobs over the course of six years, and none of them had worked out.

In a blog post for, Taylor shared his story. He pleaded with the Lord to find a real job, something he could turn into a career. Then he got a call from someone who had seen his resume online and offered him work as an apprentice electrician. Taylor thought it was an answer to his prayers.

“But within a week or two of starting my new career, I noticed that my hands hurt and my fingertips were numb,” Taylor wrote. “I saw a doctor, asked my work for time to rest and exercise my hands, and received priesthood blessings. Still, my hands were numb and hurt more each day.”

Taylor knew he had to look for a different job, but also knew the pain that would entail. Recounting the story of Lehi's family, Taylor reflected on how Nephi must have felt when he broke his bow. Nephi was supposed to provide for his family, and Taylor was supposed to provide for his.

“And it wasn’t a bow that was broken, it was me,” Taylor wrote. “Those years of failure left me a broken man, but they also gave me a broken heart. So I took my broken heart, and I begged for help. I begged for help from God. I begged for help from my family.”


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