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Gov. of Utah Declares Official Donny and Marie Day: 8 Epic and Hilarious Flashbacks to Celebrate


Governor Gary Herbert joined Donny and Marie Osmond on stage before their show on July 11th, making a special announcement. He declared that July 11th is now known as "Donny and Marie Day."

"Now that's a great way to start a tour!" Donny wrote on Facebook.

Here are a few of our favorite memories of them throughout the years to celebrate:

When Donny and Marie danced with wookies and storm troopers.

When Donny and Marie revealed the hilarious yet horrifying results of them swapping faces.

When you couldn't identify the real Donny and Marie when they revealed their wax figures, and Donny couldn't help pulling a prank.

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When Jimmy Fallon revealed his love for Donny and Marie, not to mention he owned a Marie doll.

Speaking of Donny and Marie memorabilia, when these all used to be a thing.

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When Johnny Carson praised FHE and LDS dating standards when Donny and Marie were on the show.

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When Donny shared a video of his son opening a mission call.

When Marie bore her testimony about the plan of salvation.

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