Heartwarming film "Infinite Gift" Shows Power and Love of God


Infinite Gift is a powerful drama about realities people face in their lives.

Emily’s mother is dead. Jason may be looking at porn. Julia was abused, and Austin may be gripped by addiction. By contrast, Tanner, a star athlete, is at the top of his game and feels he needs help from nobody while Alexa does everything right.

But if you were responsible for helping them find solutions to their issues, what would you do?

In the film Infinite Gift a plan—a parable—is formulated to open their eyes and hearts to receive the help and healing they need.

Infinite Gift was written and directed by Robert Hatch, who probably has received more film festival awards than any LDS filmmaker (over 250 awards). After years of directing films for the BBC and PBS, he wanted to create an entertaining film that speaks to the heart and soul about the most important subject in the world.

LDS author and former Dean of Religious Instruction at BYU Robert L. Millet said:

"No topic is more penetrating and profound than the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, and thus no topic is more difficult to conceptualize or to visualize than the infinite and eternal work of our Redeemer. Because of this, I am thrilled to be able to recommend Robert Hatch’s outstanding film, Infinite Gift. It touches the heart deeply and enlarges the understanding impressively. It will be valued greatly by both young and old."

In the Infinite Gift, we see how the lives of Emily, Jason, Julia—all of them—are profoundly changed. They come to understand what Christ's Infinite Gift means to them personally—and to everyone. They find solutions—God’s solutions—to their problems.

So, what does Christ’s Infinite Gift mean to you? Every day of your life you will answer that question. Your life will be your answer. Experience what happens to these people in Infinite Gift and you will not be the same.

This Christmas season, you can give the perfect gift, Infinite Gift.

Reviews of  Infinite Gift

"This was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. It depicts Christ’s Atonement in a way that moved me more than anything I have yet encountered. It was a perfect movie to watch on the Sabbath Day. Thank you to Robert Hatch for writing, directing, and producing this jewel for teaching family members about the Atonement in a way they will never forget." —Gary T. Wright

"This is a profound film. It's not just for a wayward person to see. It's for everyone. We all need to hold the gift of the Atonement in higher value and understand it on a deeper level. Infinite Gift' opens eyes and hearts and reveals insights that are at the core of the gospel. This is an excellent film not just for the message but for the quality of the production." —Howard Rainer

"Watching this film was a spiritual experience. The power of the Spirit speaks to you as you come to better understand the Savior's gift to us all." —Jessica Mullen

"This is one of those rare films that is both well made and carries important messages. You will want to watch it again. It takes you inside the lives of people who are experiencing the challenges of earth life. It shows how they come to find solutions through the Atonement. The authentic emotion it provides makes us more ready and able to sense the Spirit teaching us. I think everyone needs to see this film." —Joan S.

"Excellent! Superb! Marvelous! Very well done! Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful experience for us! A very good lesson on the gift of grace and how we cannot earn it or deserve it or merit it in any way. I liked the acting, the music, the camera angles, the wording, the facial expressions, the natural flow of action, etc. etc.  I liked the dark room while the kid was viewing something bad on the computer. Then he thinks better of it and opens the blinds and lets light in. I caught the significance of the name 'Joshua.' If you do a sequel, let us know what becomes of the kid who walked out."—Allen Richardson

"I just watched a motion picture that dramatically reveals the personal application in one’s life and the appreciation for the INFINITE GIFT of the ATONEMENT wrought by our Savior, Jesus, the Christ. It’s title: INFINITE GIFT: What Does It Mean to YOU? IT IS A MOVING, EMOTIONALLY REVEALING lesson for each of us regarding our personal acceptance and use of that INFINITE GIFT in our lives—now and for the eternities. The associated necessity of our personal acceptance of the INFINITE GIFT and our involvement in the process of repentance and sanctification of our lives, allowed by the gift, is the lesson driven home and taken away from the experience of watching this movie. The setting is in a Seminary Class [it could be any Christian study group] that is being wisely instructed about the Atonement—in a manner that illustrates for each student in the class HOW the INFINITE GIFT applies to them in a profoundly personal manner and the Savior’s accepted suffering role in the offering, to satisfy universal justice, causing it to be tempered with mercy. There is pathos as each student comes to FEEL and understand what has been offered as a free gift in their behalf if they are willing to do the things to receive it—an effect that is everlasting. They come to realize that they all need one thing right now—God’s solution to their problems. It is about realities all of us face every day and the CHOICES we cannot escape the responsibility for making regarding the INFINITE GIFT—whether we ignore it, or allow it to heal, strengthen, and grow us—to overcome problems, sins, and sorrows. NONE of the students left the class unaffected. Neither will an audience and one will not be the same after the experience.
I recommend this insightful motion picture—HIGHLY! I hope you do not miss it." —Lyle Kofford

"Yesterday, I was in the Church bookstore looking for something that might help one of my sons understand that the Atonement is personal and the greatest power for change we have. I asked the store manager for some suggestions and he said that probably one of the best movies he has in the store right now was Infinite Gift. My son lives in another city but we have been working with him over the summer to have hope that he can be forgiven for his mistakes. I was going to give it to him next time he comes—hopefully next weekend. I decided I would watch it first to try to discern whether it might be appropriate for him. I watched it last night and wept and realized how much I needed this too—not just my son. I have to thank you for putting this together—it is very meaningful. Truly, the Lord's hand has been in all of this. thank you so much." —Deanna Sykes

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