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Editor’s note: “This week from the pulpit” highlights recent messages by General Authorities, General Officers, and leaders of the Church.

When we experience unexpected challenges in life, we are blessed to have access to the words of the prophets to guide us each day. In a Face to Face event Sunday, September 13, Elder Ronald A. Rasband reminded us of how fortunate we are that those messages are available to us: 

“Now, the prophet speaks to all of us frequently. It used to be you’d have to wait until general conference or maybe an occasional article in one of the Church magazines. But now, and your generation knows this, the President of the Church and all of the Apostles, frankly, are using their social media accounts to give their latest, inspired teachings to the members of the Church. So I invite all you young single adults throughout the world—and I’m not trying to give a commercial here— but I am inviting you to follow the President of the Church, certainly, and the other members of the First Presidency, and the Twelve as you can. And you will have the latest, most inspired teachings of God’s prophet on the earth today.”

It is our hope that this compilation of messages from inspired leaders will strengthen your faith in Christ, alleviate your concerns, and prepare you for the challenges that may be ahead.

Face to Face with Elder and Sister Rasband

Elder Rasband and his wife, Sister Melanie Rasband, recently addressed young adults in a Face to Face event on Sunday, September 13. Of the many topics discussed, Elder and Sister Rasband focused on the glorious light that the restored gospel can bring into our lives. They acknowledged that some people may have questions that feel impossible to answer or resolve. To those who feel this way, Elder and Sister Rasband invited Dominic Still, a convert to the Church, to bear his witness of why he chooses to stay. 

“I remember being in a spot where I had nothing. I have everything now. I have happiness. I have joy. I literally have everything. And I have Christ’s name on my back. . . . I’d advise you, go read James 1:5, ‘If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.’ He will give you every single reason and answer that you need. . . . He’s already given you one of the biggest reasons to stay—and that’s Christ, His Son,” Dominic testified.

Read the summary of the Face to Face at Church News. You can also watch the event below.

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Young Adult Face to Face with Elder and Sister Rasband

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Missionary Work

Missionaries continue to face challenges in light of COVID-19 and natural disasters. Because technology has become such an essential tool to share the restored gospel, Elder Quentin L. Cook and his wife, Sister Mary G. Cook, offered missionaries specific suggestions to maximize their effectiveness. Elder Cook suggested using technology in a variety of ways and developing meaningful connections with leaders at ward and stake levels. He also counseled, “With all you are doing on the internet through technology, including social media and video calls, do not forget your missionary purpose as set forth in Preach My Gospel.” 

Read the full article at Church News.

Similarly, Elder Gary E. Stevenson counseled missionaries in New Zealand who may be feeling discouraged due to difficult circumstances. He said, “Have a vision that what you’re going through right now is something that will bless you.” He referenced many role models in the scriptures such as Alma, Amulek, Joseph Smith, and Paul who magnified their purposes in spite of the trials they faced.

Read more of Elder Stevenson’s remarks at Newsroom (Pacific).

A recent article by Church News summarizes Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s friendship with Dr. George Wood, a prominent leader in the evangelical community. In a recent podcast, Elder Holland and Dr. Wood encouraged others to find spiritual common ground and to strive to always be kind. Read the full article at Church News. You can also watch the podcast below. 

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Podcast #12 - The Jeff Holland/George Wood Conversation - Building Bridge with Greg Johnson

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Messages at CES Schools

As fall begins, leaders at all Church Educational System (CES) campuses have sought to provide reassurance and guidance to students. In a recent devotional at BYU, Elder James B. Martino of the Seventy, advised students to view making choices through the lens of an eternal perspective. 

“The restored gospel of Jesus Christ gives us a high and holy aspiration, planted in us long before we were born, and revealed in our desires for righteousness and godliness. That goal ought to determine who we want to become,” he said. 

Read more of Elder Martino’s remarks at Church News.

During a devotional at Ensign College, formerly known as LDS Business College, President Bruce C. Kusch reflected on the inspiration behind the school’s name change. He stated, “Time does not permit a detailed explanation of everything that has taken place, but we have felt and witnessed the Lord’s hand in this effort.” He also encouraged all to remember those who have gone before: “So, as we are appropriately excited about the changes we are implementing, as we look forward to a future filled with limitless opportunities, it is essential that we always remember and honor those who laid the foundations of this school.”

Read the full article at Church News.

BYU–Idaho President Henry J. Eyring recognizes the fears and concerns that COVID-19 causes for students who are taking in-person classes, or who are studying either partially or fully remotely. In response, he and his wife, Sister Kelly C. Eyring, shared messages of hope and reassurance. 

President Eyring reminded students of their “duty to battle the virus,” while also reaching out to their peers where possible. He suggested that students visit campus a few times each week to engage with others, even if it is just to have simple conversations. “You have the power to not only make someone’s day, but to touch their soul,” he stated. 

Read more of their remarks at Church News.

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