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Hilarious Video of LDS Mom's Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Two Days Before She Delivers Goes Viral


Tannin and Katie Pease pulled one huge surprise on grandma when they told her Katie was pregnant with their third child. 

According to ABC News, Katie was nine months pregnant when they broke the news to Tannin's mother, Carolynn, in a hilarious video that has since gone viral, turning the Feb. 18 visit into something much more memorable. 

"Speechless," Tannin Pease told ABC News of his mother's reaction. "You see it in the video but ultimately, it was better than I expected. I thought she was going to hit me, but she turned around and hit my dad and kind of laughed it off."

After two previous miscarriages, the couple decided to hold off on telling family members and friends Katie was pregnant until they found out the gender of the baby, according to ABC News. The couple only told close family members and a few friends Katie was expecting their third child, and she says she stayed at home a lot and wore baggy clothes so others wouldn't suspect she was pregnant. 

It just so happened that Tannin's parents lived in Montana, so the secret was much easier to keep from them.

"When we Skyped and I saw [Katie's] face, I thought, 'Oh she stopped jogging. That's OK ... no judgment here," Carolynn, 57, told ABC News with a laugh. "I didn't really expect to hear anything this soon especially with the last miscarriage they had, which was traumatic. I was just completely floored. I feel really elated because they've had a hard time and I was really excited for them. I thought the whole thing was very thoughtful to surprise me."

Though she was scheduled to have her baby on Carolynn's birthday, baby Saul was born on day later, extending the surprise for one extra day. 

"A lot of people, they were wondering how on earth we did it," Katie told ABC News. "We had a couple of people say, 'Did you lock her up in a closet?' But it just worked out, I guess. People eventually saw us and a couple of pregnancy photos and a picture of the baby and were like, 'You really did it!'"

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