‘Holding a current temple recommend is an irreplaceable and important thing’ + more counsel from Church leaders this week


Editor’s note: “This week from the pulpit” highlights recent messages by General Authorities, General Officers, and leaders of the Church.

This week, Latter-day Saints were given reminders by Church leaders on a variety of topics, from encouragement to keeping a current temple recommend to counseling with the Lord and remembering that God is loving and mindful. Reading their inspired messages may be a great way to help you prepare for the October 2020 general conference.

There is certainly much we can do as we prepare for this special opportunity to be taught by leaders of the Church. As you prepare to hear the Lord’s voice in your life through His chosen leaders, it is our hope that messages from this week will inspire you to draw nearer to Jesus Christ.

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Acting in Faith

While COVID-19 has certainly resulted in limited access to temple worship, it may also result in expired temple recommends if we are not careful. Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita of the Pacific Area Presidency recently reminded us, “We can show our worthiness to the Lord through holding a current temple recommend. Knowing that we are worthy to enter the temple brings a feeling of joy and peace. Holding a current temple recommend is an irreplaceable and important thing for each of us.”

Elder Yamashita also encourages those who do not have a current temple recommend to work with their bishops to prepare to become temple worthy.

Read the full article at Newsroom (Pacific).

The Young Women General Presidency and board discussed the new Children and Youth Program in an article for Church News this week. In the article, they expressed their hopes about the program: “We want to help our youth choose to be deeply rooted, strong, resilient, and firm in their commitment to Jesus Christ. We must give them the room to grow toward ‘the Son’ without smothering them.”

They also cautioned that the program need not be overcomplicated or viewed as an extensive list of extra things to do. Rather, “the Children and Youth program is intended to help our youth be intentional as they seek and act upon personal revelation and strive to become more like their Savior, Jesus Christ. It is simply a call from a prophet of God to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and our homes.”

Read the full article at Church News

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Remembering the Lord

In a new article for Church News as part of the “Women of Covenant” series, Brittany Beattie, a Primary general board member, discussed one of the key truths she tries to remember as a single sister. She states, “One phrase I do catch myself thinking on occasion is, ‘I wish I had a husband to counsel with on this decision.’ Yet every time I think that, another thought immediately comes: ‘You can counsel with the Lord.’”

For Beattie, this truth makes all the difference. “I can counsel with one who holds all power and all knowledge,” she recognizes.

Read the full article at Church News to discover how she applies this truth in her life.

At a virtual devotional broadcast at Brigham Young University–Idaho, General Authority Seventy Elder Randy D. Funk taught about covenants with the Lord. Elder Funk drew inspiration from his previous experiences as an attorney for his address.

He said, “An important distinction between the laws of God and the laws of man is the role of love and mercy in God’s plan of redemption for His children. In some cases, as loving parents do, Heavenly Father mercifully considers the desire of our hearts as well as our works.”

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Elder Funk also testified of the goodness of God and our need to choose and accept the blessings He offers. Similarly, Sister Andrea C. Funk, Elder Funk’s wife, testified of the necessity to act after receiving personal revelation.

Read their full remarks at Church News.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide President Clark C. Gilbert addressed students this week in a virtual devotional. While he acknowledges the difficulties that many BYU-Pathway students face, he also recognizes their glorious potential to succeed because of the Lord.

“At BYU-Pathway, we know by whom we are led. And it is by that light that He will prepare our way,” he said.

President Gilbert then described three ways to help students remember that it is the Lord who is leading them: recognizing a deeper purpose for learning, maintaining high expectations despite obstacles, and involving the Lord in their studies.

Read the full article at Church News.

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