Latter-day Saint Life

How a New York Model Became a Mormon


What a powerful story of holding to your faith, no matter the pressure and no matter the hardships that come into your life.

Natasha Rivas was successful in one of the most difficult industries in the nation less than a year into her modeling career in New York City.

She worked for a fashion label, booked her own agent, and acted in both commercials and TV shows before turning 21. But for Natasha, the most meaningful experience in the city was being baptized into the LDS church.

“New York was great. I did fun things. I got to model a bunch, which was so fun,” Natasha said. “But honestly, the best part was being baptized.”

Natasha waited six years to be baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In New York, she finally achieved that dream. However, baptism wasn’t the end of her struggles.

Lead image from The Daily Universe.
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