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How a Prompting in the Temple Prepared This Mother to Lose Her Child


When Leslie entered the temple, she expected an answer. 

Her growing family of seven needed a new home. The two-bedroom duplex they lived in was far too cramped, and it was time to find more space. 

But every offer they put in on a new home fell through. For months, Leslie and her family had their hopes dashed as they struggled to find where they should live next. 

"After a while, I thought, 'Maybe I should take this to the Lord' and decided to go to the temple," Leslie says in a This Is the Gospel video. "I thought the temple ceiling would open and my little address would flutter down from the sky and I would know exactly what was going to become of my family's situation." 

But all was quiet as Leslie sat through a temple session. No wash of inspiration came. Leslie felt no thoughts or even impressions on what her family should do next. 

As she entered the celestial room, sadness flooded over Leslie and she began to cry.

But as she sat weeping in the celestial room, she had a profound experience that illustrated how Heavenly Father sees and knows so much more than we do about our lives. 

"A feeling of warmth and love washed over me as I sat there feeling so sad," Leslie said. "And an assurance and a knowing came and I heard a voice say, 'Leslie, I know you and I love you and all will be well.'"

The sweet, familiar voice repeated: "'Leslie, I know you and I love you and all will be well,'" before Leslie left the temple. 

Little did she know how vital these words would be the very next day.

Watch the rest of Leslie's story below:

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A Prompting in the Temple Prepared Leslie for Losing a Child: #ThisIsTheGOSPEL

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