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How Do You Know Which Garments to Choose?


MR says: Whether you are preparing for a mission, recently endowed, or looking for a change, there's a lot to look for when choosing garments.

Ladies, let’s talk about garments. Unlike most sister missionary clothes you’ll buy, you can’t try out garments in the store before you buy them, and you aren’t allowed to return opened packages if they don’t work out. This makes it important to get some good advice on what will be comfortable before you hit the store.

You have a few fabric choices: cotton, silk, a spandex-like material, a jersey-like mesh, and a cotton-polyester blend. When I bought my first few pairs of garments, the attendant in the store advised me to buy garments in the same material I was already used to wearing (in my case, cotton). However, it’s also important to consider the climate in your mission area when you decide what type of garments to buy.

For Hot, Humid Missions

If you’re serving a mission in a hot and/or humid climate, you’ll want a fabric that “breathes” easily and dries quickly. The LDS Church produces 100% cotton garments, which are durable and naturally regulate airflow but can take a while to dry. For humid missions where you’ll be sweating out on a bike or on the streets, I would recommend a cotton-polyester blend like Dri Lux because the synthetic fabric dries better and can be more comfortable too.

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