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How Observing the Sabbath Day Could Benefit Your Family


Keeping the Sabbath isn't optional, at least not in God's book. But observing the day of rest prescribed in the 10 Commandments can be more difficult for busy families than honoring their parents or not swearing.

"The fact is, everybody's having trouble with this right now. There are surprisingly few people who are doing it," said Dr. Matthew Sleeth, the author of "24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier and Happier Life" and a proponent of rigorous Sabbath keeping.

In a recent Deseret News survey, just 38 percent of respondents said they "strongly agreed" that it's important for society to have a day of spiritual rest, and only half said the Sabbath has personal spiritual meaning, compared to 74 percent in a 1978 Gallup poll.

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