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How One Man Creates Ancient Tabernacle Clothing Using a LEGO Machine (+Why Understanding Biblical Tabernacles Is So Important Today)


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As part of the Young Scholars Series, Laura Harris Hales interviewed Bible-enthusiast Daniel Smith, creator of the YouTube channel “Messages of Christ.” Smith’s channel is equal parts fascinating and popular, evidenced by its view count of over 1 million.

On perusing Smith’s channel, it’s apparent that he has a particular interest that at first glance may seem a bit unusual: ancient tabernacles and its artifacts. That interest has led Smith to study and actually build them in addition to creating unique and authentic tabernacle clothing.  

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Tabernacle of Moses

During his interview, Smith recounts how and why he creates tabernacle clothing, (get this: it involves a hand-built Lego machine) what exactly happened in the tabernacle in biblical times, and why it’s important for members of the church to understand it today. 

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LEGO Yarn Twister Version 1.0
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Exodus 28 - The Jewish Priestly Garments

Sometimes, as Smith explains, the best way to understand something is to experience it.  

Tabernacle camps are popping up — typically in Youth Conferences — in stakes all over the United States. There’s even one coming to BYU in the coming months, which will be used to teach students about its ancient biblical context.

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Tabernacle Camp Experience

Find out what happens there and why, as well as how it relates to our current temple experience, in this episode of LDS Perspectives Podcast.

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