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How Prayer Freed This Convert from Prison—Both Temporally and Spiritually


“One night as I prayed, I felt the love of the Lord descend on me. I felt I was being hugged and wrapped around his cloak. This experience carried on every night. I would even open a prayer and say nothing just to feel his love and take away the pain.”

Three years ago, Tum Puhi found himself “in the depths of misery.” He was in a prison cell and with no contact with his two children from a previous relationship, Sirron, 11 and Tehya, 9.

“I was in a position where I couldn’t feel my heart or soul. I was rotting away inside,” he said.

“Bombarded with all my sins and wrongs, I said to myself, ‘How am I going to get out of here?’ Not out of prison itself but the darkness I was in.”

After much contemplation, he heard a still, small voice that whispered: “Pray, pray, pray.”

Tum started to pray daily and felt good after every prayer. After two weeks of praying, he was released from prison on electronically monitored bail.

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