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How Sending Her Son to Prison Was the Answer to This Mother's Prayer



Just the word is enough to make any parent feel unspeakable dread—especially when that word is used in the same breath as the name of their child. 

As Cari and her husband met with their attorney about what her son's sentence should be, the word "prison" punctuated the conversation.

"We were facing the decision of whether to go to trial and face a possible 10-year or more sentence or take the plea bargain that had been offered [for him] to go to prison for three years," Cari says in a This Is the Gospel video. 

Earlier that morning, Cari had knelt in prayer, pleading with Heavenly Father to know what the best course of action would be for her son. 

And sitting in the meeting with her attorney, a flash of inspiration coursed through her and she suddenly knew from the top of her head to her toes what the answer was. 

Watch the video below to find out what the answer to Cari's prayer was. 

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Sending Her Son to Prison Was the Answer to Cari’s Prayer: #ThisIsTheGOSPEL

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