Latter-day Saint Life

How to Handle Family Opposition After Becoming a Latter-day Saint

One night when I was 17 years old I knelt beside my bed and sincerely asked Heavenly Father for my own testimony. I prayed, “Heavenly Father, if I’m going to do this I have to feel something.” After I said that I could feel something I never felt before, reassurance. I suddenly knew without a doubt not only that this was the one true church but that I had to start working to be baptized. I began to cry not just because of the answer I had received but because I knew it meant I would lose my dad.

I’m from a part member family. Growing up my mom was active in the LDS church but my dad was Catholic and opposed to my siblings and I having anything to do with the church. I knew without a doubt my dad would not accept me joining the church, but I had to act on the answer I’d been given.

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