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How to Use the New "Teaching in the Savior's Way" Manual


To some, telling them you want them to teach like the Savior is like telling a child you expect them to box like Muhammad Ali, or to dance with the precision of Fred Astaire. The goal seems so unattainable as to squash any realistic hope of attaining it. What we often forget is that when it comes to the Savior, all His attributes and perfections are attainable, but almost none of them are attainable without us making changes within ourselves to achieve them.

Next to death itself, public speaking, and by association, teaching, ranks as one of people’s greatest fears. Each teacher will have their own challenges and needed changes in order to become more comfortable in the classroom setting.

Teaching In the Savior’s Way is designed to help each teacher counsel with others who are also teaching in their ward and specific organization. Together we can help each other find ways to handle individual challenges and to learn the teaching techniques that makes the Savior the master teacher. Some of us need to learn more about the doctrines of the gospel, others may just need some techniques for classroom management, while others may need to learn the value and worth of each soul in their class.

The following lessons are designed to help you understand and apply the material found in Teaching in the Savior's Way and is not meant to replace the manual. 

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Love Those You Teach: Part 1

Love Those You Teach: Part 2

Teach by the Spirit: Part 1

Teach by the Spirit: Part 2

Lesson 3

Teach the Doctrine: Part 1

Teach the Doctrine: Part 2

Teach the Doctrine: Part 3

Lesson 4

Invite Diligent Learning: Part 1

Invite Diligent Learning: Part 2

Invite Diligent Learning: Part 3

Invite Diligent Learning: Part 4

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