I Breathe . . . Therefore I Eat

One of our secretaries at work, before going on her first cruise, told me she was going to be careful of what she ate because, she was on a diet. I told her the last thing you worry about when you’re on a cruise is watching your diet. “You’re on vacation, for heaven’s sake! Vacation is synonymous with indulgence and ‘diet’ is derived from the verb “to die.”  She replied by saying her diet goal was to weigh what her driver’s license says. I told her I couldn’t relate to that type of mentality, when it comes to food, my philosophy is, “I breathe…therefore I eat!

Eating is one of the great pleasures of life only topped by eating the entre in the country of its origin.

Save up for a tour to China. The food there is delicious, fascinating and exotic. My favorite Chinese dish is an item called Lop Cheong fried rice. Lop Cheong is a Chinese sausage usually made from pork with a high content of fat.

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