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'I felt like I deserved an answer': How 1 woman found God's voice amid chronic pain

The latest video in the Church’s His Grace video series, highlights one woman’s experience in finding God’s voice when she had done all she could to live worthy to have peace and answered prayers.

10 years ago, Jennica was in a car accident that left her in chronic pain. As a mom to young kids, she felt alone and like no one understood what she was going through—especially others her age—which sent her into a downward spiral of anger and loneliness.

After hundreds of seemingly unanswered prayers and feeling increasingly distant from Heavenly Father, she finally asked God to show her how He talks to her, and that’s when she started seeing His hand in her life.

“Sometimes it takes going through something like this to truly know where you stand with God and understand how He talks to you and have a real relationship,” she says.

Watch the full video below:

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I Was Waiting for God to Answer Me | His Grace

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