‘I have other answers, other than my medical training’: What one of Elder Holland’s doctors said about the Apostle's recovery earlier this year


Earlier this year, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was admitted to the hospital for issues unrelated to COVID-19. And on this week’s episode of the Church News podcast, Elder Holland talks about his miraculous recovery.

“I did have and continue to address a couple of health issues. I’ve had excellent health all my life. I’ve been involved in sports and athletics all my life, but in the shadow of my 80th year, all at once. . . I had a number of health issues, but I’m doing fine,” Elder Holland told Church News editor Sarah Jane Weaver. “And (for) some of these, the recovery has been really miraculous. I don’t use that word lightly. I don’t use it lightly at all. But that’s the only word I could use for the recovery I’ve had from some of these issues.”

Elder Holland goes on to describe how one of his doctors came to him with a report where one issue that wasn’t supposed to be remedied—where tissues and organs weren’t supposed to work—had been healed.

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“To paraphrase what he said, medically and scientifically, there was no explanation for the rather dramatic results that he was reporting to me,” Elder Holland said on the podcast. “But he said, ‘On the other hand, I am a high priest. I am a bishop. I am a returned missionary, so I have other answers, other than my medical training.’ He said, ‘It doesn’t hurt to have several million people praying for you.’ And that was tender for me then, and it’s tender for me now. I know people pray for the Brethren. I hope they will all know that that’s appreciated and reciprocated, that we pray for the Church, and certainly do go on the strength of the Church praying for us.”

Listen to the full Church News podcast episode with Elder Holland where he discusses lessons learned in the pandemic and shares his testimony.

Lead image: Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

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