If Harry Potter Was a Mormon: MormonProbs at Hogwarts

Recently, Mormons on Twitter have been using the hashtag #MormonHarryPotter. It’s #mormonprobs meets the wizarding world. Read some of our favorite tweets below:

#mormonharrypotter Harry couldn't get his broomstick flying license until he finished his Eagle Scout project. — Scott Hill (@beammeupscotty2) August 19, 2013

Prof. Snape begins Potions class with "You learn more preparing the lesson than teaching it, I felt like this was for me" #mormonharrypotter — Justin Gingerlake (@George_and_Fred) August 6, 2014

when you have to take your crying baby into the hall during sacrament. #mormonharrypotter — yolo dad (@austonomics) August 7, 2014

President Uchtdorf's patronus is an airplane. #mormonharrypotter — Colby (@colbyajohnson) August 20, 2013

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