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“If You Save Me, I Will Serve You": How Being Buried Alive in Haiti Led One Man to the Gospel


“If you save me, I will serve you," Williamson Sintyl prayed as he struggled to stay alive while buried underneath the rubble that was his father's orphanage. It was 2010, and a 7.0 magnitude earthquake had just devasted Haiti. But little did Sintyl know that this horrific experience would help lead him to the gospel. 

On a Tuesday, for no clear reason, my mother came to school to pick me up early. In Haiti, you don’t usually leave school until your homework is done. The fact that my mother came and picked me up that particular day is a testimony for me that God loves every one of us and watches out for us. That day was when we had the big earthquake. I was 16, and she brought me to one of the orphanages that my father ran. I went in and was sitting and talking with the little children when suddenly the building started shaking and it collapsed on top of us. It was a three-story building full of little children, and I was on the bottom floor.

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